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Rotation – Dior Homme by Fantastic Man

Inspired by the dynamic details and contemporary silhouettes of the Dior Homme Autumn/Winter collection, Fantastic Man and a host of models fully realise the range’s techno fabrics and ultra-modern aesthetic.

In a series of five Friday treats, each film focuses on an essential aspect of the garment brought to life by swift turns, dives and an impressive display of athletic ability.

Click here for parts 2, 3, 4 and be sure to check out the final instalment here on Friday.


Ally Capellino, Donkey apron

Available from Ally Capellino

Defined as a protective garment, aprons are not generally considered everyday wear though an exception should be made for this handsome example by Ally Capellino.

The apron takes its cue from AC’s donkey range of bags produced in a similar style and from its namesake jacket. It is made primarily of hardwearing canvas, with a waxed canvas pouch perfect for household bits and pieces and a neck strap in thick bridle leather.

Priced at £109, it certainly is an investment apron, but like all other Ally Capellino products it will probably outlive you.

Available in blue/cream, orange/black and the classic khaki/black.

Giuliano Fujiwara, SS12 shoes

Available at The Corner

These shoes from the current Giuliano Fujiwara collection have me intrigued and excited in equal measure. It retains the stitched welt but features a notched sole that appears normal from the front but tapers outwards resulting in quite a striking silhouette. 

Penny loafers were also given this geisha-esqe treatment in shades of slate blue and brick red.

At first glance these were an unfortunate mishmash destined for the end of season clearance (more so the brick red variant), and what seemed like a weak attempt at fusion is actually quite a subtle and well executed shoe.

Paul Smith, ‘Smithstamatic’ accessories

A fun and super-simple idea from Paul Smith, offering a Paul’s eye view of the world. Printed on silk and with colours reflecting the clashing hues seen in the main collection, this range of handkerchiefs and scarves would be the perfect gift for the hipster in your life.

Available at Liberty and PS.

Grenson, Ollie

Grenson Ollie

UK shoemaker, Grenson have chosen to ride the success of the platformed shoe, updating their 50s style saddle shoe with the addition of a trainer style sole. The double height and crisp, contrasting uppers fuse modernity with a sun-drenched nostalgia.

That said, white leather is a dangerous choice with a short lifespan, an inverted colourway would have made these a must have for the impending spring.