Another Fashion Casualty

by Andrew

This time it was the turn of British designer brand Luella, who now has stopped trading, due to Club 21, one of their major investors pulling out, stating that they had “taken the decision not to invest further in its relationship with Luella Bartley Limted.”
The company are now said to be looking at the different options available to them, hopefully they will be back with their unique brand of optimistic, girly, frilly, bow-adorned clothing. Perhaps more accessible price points for Luella in the future. It seems odd that a brand with such a youth orientated image would have prices which are unattainable for the average 18-30 year old.However the good news for us consumers is that their webstore is offering hefty discounts.

Luella then went on to open the new ‘Luella Christmas Grotto’ at Liberty. Where the designer herself had trawled round the department store and picked her favourite gift items for this Christmas.

See the wonderful Style Bubble for a comprehensive cover of the event, including delightful fox imagery!