Fur is officially back

by Andrew

A familiar image of the anti-fur campaigner protesting at the inhumane treatment of a proportion of the animals used in the fur trade. For a while throughout the 90’s the designers listened and the fashion press promoted the ‘fur means murder’ mentality. Notable designers who refuse to use fur in their collections are Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and Tommy Hilfiliger.
We know that industry opinion is swaying when uber-hip and fur advocate, Vogue Paris run a spread entitled ‘Fur Play’ in November’s issue. We love the pun, but also the actual pictures of Raquel Zimmermann who really gets into the proud, playful, sultry and passionate mentality of being a fur covered animal.

Like Vogue’s ‘Black issue’, which brought the issue of the lack of usage of black models in high fashion campaigns, perhaps this new fur feature will stir up more interest in this subject and lead more people to become better informed.
Fur companies have also been trying to associate the natural material with a younger, fashionable age group, with some providing their product to up and coming designers for free, with the hope of publicity for the designer, the company and the eventual trickle down of the acceptability for fur in the mainstream market.