Slow disintegration

by Andrew

This pair of APC new cures was my first denim ‘project’ .. although I regret to inform you that it wasn’t conducted with 100% seriousness. After seeing other peoples impressive wear to their own jeans I hoped that mine would develop in such a manner. It did, but results took longer than expected.

Those familiar with APC jeans will know that they are very rigid in their raw state, so after following instructions to buy the smallest size that I could squeeze into (due to stretching), there were complications when carrying out basic tasks. Suddenly going up stairs and sitting down took more time, it was as I would imagine arthritic legs would feel. The initial experience was less than comfortable.

So after a year they had not come on leaps and bounds, granted they had softened and took on my body shape but where were my ‘whiskers’ and ‘honeycombs’ that I was promised ? They remained to be seen.

Fast forward to the present day and one wash later, I am pleased to say that I have definite fade marks, the natural patina from daily wear and they have softened to a point where they are now a pleasure to wear. However, now I have other issues to contend with, mainly small but ever-growing tears in the seat! This is not uncommon as it’s one of the main stress area on a pair of trousers. But I soldier on, slowly increasing the amount of flesh on show with every wear.

The easy scenario would be to buy pre-worn in jeans (by someone else of course) but then you would lose the sweat and tears that you personally have worked into the fabric. The other alternative is washed denim but I have yet to see a pair that match up against a naturally worn pair. So for now it’s back to short term pain for future comfort and the smugness of knowing that my epic fadez are unique.