Beauty in destruction

by Andrew

The preppy collections of Patrik Ervell have always been one to watch, however due to price points which have been too high and similar alternatives being widely available, sadly I have never had the chance to own a piece. However this may change as the spring / summer collection has some of the more stand out and beautiful items seen from the New York designer.

One could be fooled into thinking that the speckled patterns were digitally created however they were achieved through the soaking of iron filings in saline solution. The rust stained cotton fabrics really do convey a rawness while looking almost floral from afar. Not to mention the club collared shirts, which look perfect for the now damp spring weather. The warming orange tones layered up with a navy cardigan would be perfect to keep the April chill at bay.

Available now at Opening Ceremony, though now is the time to seek out a UK stockist!