by Andrew

So finally, I have managed to pick up a copy of this months Fantastic Man. And as usual, it contains the things that I didn’t know, but now am so glad that I do.

The Top 5

5 – The finer and less-fine aspects of an Egg McMuffin.

4 –  London Waterloo to Exeter St Davids offers travellers a spectacular sunset, but only if certain conditions are met.

3 – Alexis Hot Chip makes me want to rotate accessories and buy more spectacles.

2 – Wolfgang Tillmans (cover star) smokes Marlboro lights

1 – Eric Balfour and Dean Gaffney should remake The Parent Trap.

These are just the tidbits that stood out to me, undoubtedly there will be much more that will appeal to you, including a shoot that proves that bears aren’t boring and a full page of Fabio’s minerals.