Good ads

by Andrew

I finally flicked through issue four of Love magazine after agonising deliberation over which cover to get – sorry Agyness, Rosie Huntington doing her best Jessica Rabbit proved too irresistible – I was drawn to a few ads …

1 – Comme des Garcons Shirt

Known for their innovative campaigns, Comme have collaborated with artist Simen Johan, whose wolf head complete with flowing white hair doesn’t fail to make an impression. The images will be used in an upcoming collaboration “to wear(wolf)” and will feature on t-shirts.

2 – Selfridges shoe galleries

The opposite of innovative but this fills me with warmth and joy. Look! theres an attractive man with a shoe on his head, wearing tights! oh and a baby, with a shoe on it’s head! Just lovely. Selfridges, showing us why shoes are important and how else they can be utilised.

3 – Tom Ford

Wierd, sexy and slightly shocking. After the naughty perfume campaigns nothing should come as a surprise, however I did not even consider the possibility of seeing a clearly dangerous bird (crow? raven?) about to de-nipple pictured model. Mr Ford does it again.