by Andrew

Image: GQ

Focusing again on contrasting fabrics and unusual applications, Martine Rose showed floral trousers with leather ‘chap’ paneling, cagoule-pacamac type synthetic shorts complete with hanging toggles, full leather cargo trousers and not-unlike-christopher-shannon mixed fabric shirting. It was utility sportswear with fetishistic qualities.

However, over and above all the leather and nylon it was the choice of footwear used to style the looks that made the greatest impact on me. Move over Dr Martens, cries the voice of Martine, who chose Caterpillar boots to provide a real-world grounding to the show. It worked so well and made so much sense due to the slight hiking boot similarities in the hook fastening (hello, key AW trend), the recent 90s renaissance and the shoe’s working connotations.

All that being said, it’s difficult to avoid the fact that for years the humble CAT boot has been the builders shoe of choice. Maybe that’s what makes it so appealing.