The directional man, according to Matches

by Andrew

That is a bit embarrassing. It reads like and cheesy 1980s spoof of a 1980s advertisement, surely The Directional Man (even the pompous capitalisation is irritating, it is not a novel ) wouldn’t buy this spiel. It seems it’s taken it’s cue from the stylish French Connection ads and the matter of fact lexicon of Fantastic Man, but has failed.

‘The Classic Man’ “values tradition and modernity, embrace my heritage, champion the notion of dressing properly”, what classic man, or should that be, what classic man are Matches thinking of that need there egos stroking to such a degree as to require such cringeworthy ad-speak to prompt a purchase. Surely the right product offering and range balance would be more welcome to such a well heeled dandy gent.

I am not ignoring the fact it could be some sort of satirical statement that has gone over my head, but even so, it still seems terribly outdated and cliched.