Band of Outsiders webstore

by Andrew

Above is a screengrab from the recently updated Band of Outsiders webstore (Beta version), which has proved to be intuitive and quite satisfying to use.

Firstly, all the items are arranged in the main rectangular box from tops and shirts methodically down to outerwear and accessories. “So what?” you may ask.

Well, when the time comes to add items to your basket, one makes the discovery that there is no basket. Instead a thinner rectangular panel takes on the role, creating a space where items can be easily dragged from main to sub panel, with a subtotal auto-calculating at the bottom.

This makes the whole experience more exciting (the drag and drop makes all the difference) and quicker, not to mention the ability to visualise your purchases together before committing. It may seem trivial to get so excited about this facilitator rather than the product (which is ecstatically preppy) but with increasing numbers of people each year buying fashion online, brands should do more to make the entire process more appealing.

I also feel the whimsical, hip/cool casual language used throughout and best exemplified above, works really well with the brand image as a whole.