Mjolk AW 11/12

by Andrew

Mjolk has always been one of those brands that I’ve liked, in a B Store way, doing updated versions of classic menswear pieces but ending up looking overworked. After seeing the promo images for AW 11/12, there are a few pieces i’d quite like to have a look at come September.

  • Grey flecked wool trousers, with single pleat and cropped leg (seen throughout)
  • Cream shrunken knit cardi, the stitch texture looks cozy with a hint of 30s knit-your-own nostalgia
  • Not an item but the simple styling of look 1 really appeals to me. It sums up the clean dressing that’s easy to achieve and has a pseudo-street-formal-casual air about it. Though that might just be the New Balance trainers, that look so good from the front, but are let down by the 3M reflective fabric on the heel cushion.

Things i’m not keen on however are;

  • Chain over the shirt styling
  • Model 1 and 2’s sunglasses, they look like they’re off to Margate for winter sun
  • The elfin nature of Model 1’s hat in Look 6