Romain Kremer x Camper

by Andrew

Romain Kremer x Camper at Opening Ceremony

As summer approaches and our thoughts turn to beach holidays and draining gin & tonics at lunchtime, we have started thinking about beachwear, but more specifically, beach footwear. First up, the Havaiana, with it’s ease of slip on-slip off it, is a popular choice, but in my experience there’s a good chance you’ll end up taking a tumble in the middle of the road after forgetting they’re only attached to you via a piece of uncomfortable rubber. The second choice, the Birkenstock, is comfortable and dependable but not the most chic or light.

These Romain Kremer for Camper sandals however strike a nice balance between aesthetic and function. Now, some might argue that they look too outdoorsy (too Teva) but I believe their stripped back, elasticised simplicity would be perfect for beach-to-street-to-after-party dressing.